Order from our catering menu for your meetings or reunions.
Order 24 hours ahead of time
Minimum order 10 people 
Download our catering menu for both our locations (PDF)

Wednesday to Monday
8am to 3pm
Phone (925) 284-8816

Food for People who eat well and Live  Longer

Breakfast Selection

Assorted Pastries $1.95
Muffin & Scones  
Organic Coffee & Pastry $3.50
Pastry, Coffee, Seasonal Fruit $5.95
Loafer’s rolls $2.95
Freshly baked rolls served                          
with butter and jam.
Hormone free scramble eggs &  red potatoes $3.95
Hormone free scramble eggs & red potatoes and $6.95
choice of meat (italian sausage, bacon, ham.)  






Traditional Sandwiches $6.95
Sandwiches are served on our freshly baked breads: Garden Herb, 9-Grain Wheat, Country Oat Garlic Basil. Your Choice!

Loafer's Chicken Salad Ham & Swiss Vegetarian
Tuna Manhattan Classic Turkey Roast Beef
Turkey & Swiss Hot Pastrami Turkey & Avocado

Baklava $3.00
Taramiso $3.00
Pies $3.00
Apple, Peach, Cherry  
Cookies $2.50
Lemon Bar $3.00
Brownies $3.00





Salad Choices
All salads are served with our home made rasberry vinagretted dressing, free of preservatives

Specialty Choices


Regular Iced Tea
Orange Spice Iced Tea
Herbal Rasberry Iced Tea
Orange Juice
Apple Juice
Other Exotic Juiced
Organic Coffee
Organic Decaf Coffee
Organic Herbal Teas
Sodas & Bottled Water



Veggie Goodies $5.95
Hummus, babaganoush, dolmas, & freshly baked bread.  
Mediterranean Chicken $7.95
Grilled boneless/skinless hormone-free chicken, served with rice and garnished with roasted almonds.   
Pesto Palermo (Italian) $7.95
Pasta cooked al dente on our creamy pesto sauce. Served with roasted chicken, bell peppers, mushrooms, zuchini and garnished with feta cheese.   
Sicillian (Italian) $7.95
Pasta cooked al dente, served with sauteed fresh tomatoes, roasted chicken, bell peppers, mushrooms, and zuchini.  
Lasagna (Italian) $7.95
Choice of meatless ot with meat (beef/chicken).  
Paella Valenciana (Spanish) $12.95
Riced cooked on safron, grilled chicken, roasted bell peppers, sweat peas, shrimp, clams and calamari.  
Lamb in Cilantro Sauce (Peruvian) $12.95
Lamb cooked in sauteed onion, blended cilantro, red diced potatoes, and dark beer. Servied with rice  
Mesaf (Lamb & Yogurt sauce) Arab $12.95
Lamb cooked yogurt sauce spiced with Mediterranean herbs. Served over basmati rice and garnished with roasted almonds.   
Tamales (Mexican) $3.00
Beef, Pork, Chicken, or Vegetarian tamales wrap on corn husk  

Garden Salad $2.95
Locally grown green leave lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and mushrooms sprinkled with shredded carrots, red cabbage and jack cheese.  
Healthy Choice $5.95
Marinated grilled chicken thigh, Mediterranean style, a to of our Garden salad.  
Tuna Manhattan $5.95
Albacore tuna, capers, shredded carrots, celery and red onions lightly bound with mayonnaise, a top of our Garden salad.  
The Loafers Chicken Salad $5.95
This is the salad that everyone raves about! Our famous chicken salad, a top of our Garden salad.   
Cobb Salad $5.95
Tomatoes, olives, bacon, blue cheese, avocados, fresh roasted turkey, and bell pepper, a top of fresh greens.
Flo's Chopped Salad $4.95
A variety of chopped garden vegetables garnished with dry cranberries and walnuts.
Napa Valley Spinach Salad
Organic spinach, orange mandarine, bacon, tomatoes, grapes, mushrooms, avocado, grilled chicken breast & sliced roated almonds
Greek Salad
Organic gren leaf lettuce, English cucumbers, tomatoes, kalamata olives  garnished with French feta cheese.



Half sandwich, mini cookie, & a soda drink                                   $7.95

Half sandwich, mini cookie, & garden salad                                  $8.95

Half sandwich, mini cookie, soda drink, & chips                           $9.95

Half sandwich, garden salad, mini cookie, & soda drink               $9.95